‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie: Fans reveal who they want cast as Christian Grey


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57 thoughts on “‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie: Fans reveal who they want cast as Christian Grey

    • You have to watch the you tube trailer for the film with Matt Bomer, make sure it’s the one with ‘Im on fire’ as the music’…

  1. This would be a huge dissapointment he is not at all what I have imagine he is no were near good lookin enough to play his role :/ not happy!

  2. Who is he? I think alexander scarsgard should play christian grey i avnt seen any body else who culd match his character

  3. I know it is hard to find the perfect guy for christian but we need to stop being so picky so they cant start working on the video lol but i def do not like him he need to look a little younger

  4. I’d like the guy who played Henryk Hansson in Holby. He seems cool, calm and collected with a hidden past

  5. I say JUST PICK SOMEONE ALREADY!!! Not everyone will like who they pick no matter what and everyone is entitled to their opinions and I really really just wanna see the movie already. 😦

  6. The only man that could play C. Grey is Henry Cavill. I mean go watch The Tudors and tell me how Henry Cavill wouldn’t be the perfect choice! The man is beautiful.

  7. Ian Somerhalder is still the best. Any one watching Vampire Daires nows he is bad to the bone and is the best for the role of Christan Grey.

  8. Yummy ! He is definitely hot….I love him in supernatural and he has a nice body ! Totally agree with this choice!

  9. Ian so tired of this debate, , ,I think it makes no difference EL James has the visual in her head and has pretty much made up her mind,

  10. Jensen Ackles all the way. If you have seen every season of Supernatural and knew the character that he plays (Dean) would totally agree that Jensen could pull off a PERFECT Christian. Hes tough, sexy, sweet, controlling, and did i already say sexy?

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