‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Cast Images; Producer Teases Special NC-17 Theatrical Cut

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Cast Images; Producer Teases Special NC-17 Theatrical Cut.



24 thoughts on “‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Cast Images; Producer Teases Special NC-17 Theatrical Cut

  1. ann steele is big chested and big deer eyes and the one you choose is not similarity she has nothing and christain i is not intimitaded at all

    • Actually, no were in the book does it say Ana as a big chest, it states that she fits his hands, although i am not happy about the delay in filming and the cast, hoping that they recast, either way i will go n see the film, probably be disappointed but still.. I love the story.

      • I think if you go in thinking you’ll be disappointed then you’ll come out disappointed. The actors may not be what fans wanted but you have to give them a chance. Give them the benefit of the doubt that they will do the part just as well as we expect.

  2. dropped the ball big time with the casting. I will still see it because I enjoyed the books but definitely disappointed in the crappy casting.

  3. I don’t think either of these actors are what we imagined or was described in the novels. Are we sure the produce actually read the trilogy?

  4. Having seen Jamie Dornan in Once Upon a Time, I’ve come to the conclusion he doesn’t really photograph well because he’s very attractive in that. And Dakota Johnson looks way better with dark hair than with blonde.

  5. This is not the Christian Grey I have imagined EVER you need a strong manly man not that he is not cute BUT HE IS NO CHRISTIAN this sucks

    • totally agree….. this guy they have picked has this coy look about him… NOT strong at all…. sucky choices for both leading actors!

  6. I will not go watch this….the actors are not the ones in the book….Charlie had a rough soft demanding sweet passion about him…idiots!!!!

  7. I don’t mind Jamie for Christian but she is definitely not what I picture as Anastasia. In the book it may say her breasts fit his hands, but from this picture, he’d have to have tiny female hands for her breasts to fill them. On the other hand, actors and actresses that would be much better in this movie might not want to be involved in a movie that many will see as ‘Mommy porn’ and the pay is so low it’s laughable for them. I might go see the movie, but can’t guarantee by the time it’s released that I’ll still be interested. Might just wait for it to be released on cable. It’s a movie that I believe will be released to DVD and cable almost immediately just from the casting.

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