**BREAKING** Jamie Dornan tapped to replace Charlie Hunnam in Fifty Shades of Grey – NY Daily News

Jamie Dornan tapped to replace Charlie Hunnam in Fifty Shades of Grey – NY Daily News.



37 thoughts on “**BREAKING** Jamie Dornan tapped to replace Charlie Hunnam in Fifty Shades of Grey – NY Daily News

  1. they really do not have a clue do they?? go ahead and pick something that just is not CG neither Anastastasia… obviously on a very low budget…! why bother!

    • Pretty much… There have been pictures buzzing around of who WE want to see play Christian, so why can’t it be one of them 😦 disappointing…

    • Here’s a clue: LISTEN TO THE FANS!!!!!! We know who is in our heads when we read these books over and over and over again!

    • Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bommer or Alexander Scarsguard are all Christian Grey. I believe these actors were already offered the part, but they turned it down. They need to offer them more money, to play Christian Grey, or there is no movie

  2. definitely better than the last choice. He could maybe metamorph into Christian with a bit of help from make-up! Obviously the ones we all want aren’t interested, or money not enough. But this guy’s an actor, and I’m sure he’ll make a good fist of it! (haha no pun intended there!)

  3. I just don’t get it!! As soon as I got into the book I totally thought Ian Somerhalden should play him. Its his eyes and that smile..its screams “I’m christain grey!!” I mean seriosuly its like the casting people just reached into a bag blind folded..maybe we should boycott the movie.. or I know let us actual readers of the book pick..there’s sooo much hype about this movie and noe I dont even know if it’ll be wortg it..I heard shooting starts next month..

    • Ian was my hope too, but obviously he doesn’t want the role for one reason or another. Can’t force him to do it if he doesn’t want to, unfortunately! Think a lot of them are scared because of the controversy of the character. But saying you won’t watch because of the casting is like “cutting off your nose to spite your face”! Fingers crossed it’ll be good, but I never think a film is as good as the book, specially if you’ve read the book first! Imagination is a wonderful thing!! lol!

      • Check out Matt Dallas! He has the boyish good looks, the height, the eyes, and the unknown charm that the cast directors are looking for!

  4. Check out his Dior commercial on youtube. It’s what convinced me that he may be able to pull this off. I mean I haven’t seen his acting as far as talking goes, and personality wise, but he does LOOK like the role much more than their last choice. He doesn’t look like he thinks he’s better than anyone else and stuck up like the other guy. However Ian Somerhalder would have been MUCH better.

  5. A disappointed sigh….I’m none too pleased about either of these guys…Christian Grey is supposed to turn any woman with a pulse into mush…though handsome these top two do not make me swoon unfortunately….

  6. Seriously …. if you all read the news articles about this you would understand that Yes, they are on a tight budget and timeline to make this movie …. and they can only get people that are available. Just because the fans want someone specific doesn’t mean that it is going to happen …. give it a chance and don’t down grade it before it even hits the screens.

  7. Not feeling this guy. Charlie looked better as Christian. I know it’s crunch time but let’s not get desperate and choose a non Christian looking Christian. Make up and haircolor only do so much.

  8. Sexy and right for the part. Maybe they don’t want Ian Somerhalder because they want it to be fresh something believable. Ian is really known for different role. I like what they are trying to so, pick a guy who will become Christian Grey who hast done anything else to distract you. Suspend your disbelief. And its funny all you woman saying that you wont see the movie… I call Bullshit!!!!!!

    • I second that! This guy is not bad looking! And I agree, all the ones complaining will still go see it lol

    • I agree wholeheartedly! I actually like this choice. Yes, I would have liked to see Ian play the part but I think Jamie will do smashingly. I loved him in Once Upon A Time. Plus, everyone has a different idea of what Christian should look like and there is no pleasing everyone. Let him do his job and prove that he is fit for the role…he may surprise everyone…

  9. The last time we all bitched and whined so much that Charlie quit and the movie almost didn’t get made. I really want to see it so I’m not going to complain. Besides Jamie is a good looking guy, with Hollywood make up? Sheesh, he’ll be smoking hot! Not many actors are willing to accept $125k to make a movie when most of the stars these days make millions. So I say whatever! Pick a guy already! Besides, It’s their movie, if it’s not successful, so what?

  10. The really need to talk to Ian Somerhalden and forget this guy he is to much of a male model.
    Ian looks more like Christian and he is a good actor.

  11. Seriously ? I hope they realise that he DOES NOT look like how they discribe cristian grey in the book .. wheres matt bomer? ❤

  12. Oh shut up about ian somerhalder. He obviously isn’t interested in the role of CG..therefore you all can sit there and cry about it all you want…but HE doesn’t want to play the part! Move on..sh*t

  13. I think their pick of whos to play Christian and Anastastasia will either make or break this movie. Im curious to see this movie however Im having doubts as to how good it will actually be due to the fact theyre going to have to cut out alot in order to make it only rated R.

    • and ps….. this guys way too skinny for what I think christain should look like. if he infact does play him I hope the make him work out and gain a little weight

  14. I personally don’t think it matters who they get to play Christian or Ana, the movie will still be a disappointment because there is NO WAY IN HELL they can pull this movie off that would EVER do justice to the book, so why bother….MONEY, because no matter what all you say, no matter who they choose to play Christian 95% you will watch this movie anyway, no matter what, whether it’s at the movies, rented from a store or online or you just out right buy it, so they will make there money, so quit bitchin’ and deal with it!

  15. Why don’t you people understand that the big names that all the fans keep going on and on about TURNED THE ROLE DOWN!!! how can they make a movie when no one will open their heads up to the possibility of someone else playing the role and doing well in it? No one has the same idea of who should play CG because we all pictured him differently in our heads…
    Keep Calm Ladies..

  16. Jamie Dornan is miles better than Alexander Skarsgaard – I can’t believe people want him as he’s way too old for the part. No-one would be accepted by everyone but Jamie Dornan has a huge fan base, and I think he’ll do the part justice.

  17. i looove him i really liked charlie too but what can we do i think jamie will be great as CG and i only hope they will star the movie already and keep in mind that not all the fans will agreed with the choices i mean no one liked robert pattinson as edward first and how great he turned out you shoul give jamie a chance

  18. OMG, why do you let your fans vote, if you are not going to bother…… this is not who I want to see as Christian Grey!!! there is only two men that qualify, Ian Somerhalder or Matt Boman !! I will not even bother watching this movie……….grrrr feeling really annoyed !!!

  19. after watching the Dior add i must say he might just pull this off i think it needs to be a fresh face to play it

  20. Let’s face facts! The films will never be as good as the books. With the books you have you own images of Christian and Ana and how the story plays out. E.L.James obviously has a different vision and at the end of the day she wrote the books and she is trying to portray that vision onto the big screen. My first choice would be Matt Bomer but like I said it’s E.L.James vision so I hope Jamie Dornan does it justice. Love his voice!

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