59 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Of Grey Movie: Matt Bomer to Replace Charlie Hunnam?

  1. Matt has already said he wont do it and i think charlie will do a great job as CG in my opinion this whole thing needs to be dropped now charlie has been casted for it end of that’s my opinion don’t hate on me for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • A lot of people are going by his SOA pic and look, but if you Google him, without the long hair and beard, he’s gorgeous!! Total CG material!! They should have used one of those pics when announcing he had been cast and a lot of people wouldn’t have been as disappointed. He’s not real well known so a lot of people don’t even know what he looks like outside of SOA.

      • NO he is not georgous…. he has this hunchback look, his eyes are set too close together and he is tooooo old!

  2. Oh yes please replace Charlie and put Matt as CG. Matt was always number 1 to play the roll as Christian.

  3. I wish the people who wrote the books and will be produceing the movie stick with what they choose. We the people who read the books need to shut the hell up. You all who say no not him or not him are going to ruin any dam chance of it hitting the movies.

  4. If they change and replace him with anyone it should be the lead guy from the show Suits. Gabriel Macht.

  5. Yay good riddnens Mat can be my Christian any day ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wasn’t goin to watch the film but now I am hehehehe

      • this is what I am afraid of…. that it is just gossip…. Charlie the hunchback as CG… wow wee… NOT!

  6. Even thought I prefer Charlie over Matt my pick would have been Ian Somerhalder! He would be my pick above all of them!

  7. as i say people cant have who they want cast i did hope ian and alexia who be cast but oh well charlie is a good actor to what i have seen from soa , let just hope they try to stick to the book and get a good film out of it

  8. Because Matt is gay, I’n not sure if he’ll have the chemistry needed to play the role. I think he’s hot for sure though. I’m not a big fan of the chick they have cast to play Anastasia!

  9. That’s a shame if Charlie backs out because people are so selfish! GROW UP! Matt bomer doesn’t want to do the movie because he’s not comfortable with the sexuality of it!! Leave Charlie alone! I assure you he will prove all of you wrong!

    • I don’t think that at all. I think Matt would be very comfortable doing it. He has done scenes of a sexual nature with women. I just think his work load wouldn’t allow it. Maybe it just didn’t appeal to him on any level. His reasons for not doing it are his own and i respect them. I don’t think people should make him feel bad for NOT doing it, as i don’t think people should be horrible to Charle FOR DOING it. XXX

  10. i think both christian and Anna’s roles were cast with a blind eye. neither one of them look the part. as far as christian..neither one of these men will do. Im very disappointed in the casting of the movie.

  11. Matt has the perfect look. So what if he’s gay- it’s acting!!!! Charlie with always be Nathan from QAF! He’s too hunched and not a CEO type at all.

    • YES… that is it… he has the hunchback look about him…. so NOT Christian Grey the PERFECT specimen of the male species… what on earth were they thinking????

  12. Cant believe people are keen for Matt Bomer – I don’t care how hot he is he is GAY and no gay man should play the biggest manly man to hit the books and screen. Charlie is perfect and he is straight – love him!!!

  13. I never thought I would say this… but YES please REPLACE Charlie for Matt Bomer… for Matt to be Christian Grey!!!! Somehow I think they are entrenched with their selection in Charlie and have not even cared what other people think… I will be boycotting seeing the movie and stick to the books!

  14. The movie has already been filmed people, no going back now! Charlie will be a great CG. Just go on youtube and you can see the trailer ๐Ÿ™‚ Matt Bomer is openly gay, which is absolutely fine but I would never find it believable and I would know the whole time that he was just pretending to be attracted to her. It is hard to have a fantasy about someone not interested in females.

  15. Matt Bomer played Ernest Hemingway onstage in “Villa America” and received rave reviews for his “animal magnetism”…Hemingway was a man’s man…If you haven’t watched Matt in “White Collar,” “Chuck,” “Traveler,” or the clips from “Guiding Light” that are on YouTube, or the film “In Time” you need to make yourselves aware of him. He has chemistry and then some, and charisma, talent, warmth and depth.

    Being gay has nothing to do with it. Rock Hudson, Montgomery Clift, Richard Chamberlain, Victor Garber, Ian McKellan: all extremely talented men who just happened to be gay…James Dean, Cary Grant, and Tony Curtis were bi-sexual. All played heterosexual men, lovers of women all. Matt Bomer will play Montgomery Clift in a feature film that is now in the works, to be called “Monty Clift.”

    Do not sell this man short…He has the goods.

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