‘50 Shades of Grey’ Movie Cast Rumors: Charlie Hunnam Quitting ‘Fifty Shades’ After Fan Backlash?

‘50 Shades of Grey’ Movie Cast Rumors: Charlie Hunnam Quitting ‘Fifty Shades’ After Fan Backlash?.



70 thoughts on “‘50 Shades of Grey’ Movie Cast Rumors: Charlie Hunnam Quitting ‘Fifty Shades’ After Fan Backlash?

  1. he better not or I aint gna c the film or read the book plus ill sell both books and my charms and anything else I have that 50 shades of grey realated coz this is such a fucking outrage

    • How big of a loser are you? You probably wanted some wimp ass like Ryan Gosseling to star in the movie. When you’re done playing “Magic the Gathering” with your husband go watch Sons of Anarchy and educate yourself.

    • Not sure if anyone else caught this but if you haven’t read the books then how do you know if this guy will play the part good enough or not?! PLUS there are THREE BOOKS not 2. I’m an Ian Somerhalder fan and wanted him to play Christian but just because he wouldn’t, I wasn’t going to act like a 5 yr old that didn’t get any candy at the grocery store about it. Good Lord!!!! And this is for everyone, IT SAYS RUMOR!!!!!

    • you will be sooooo sorry too…. hehehehe…. The book was GREAT! and the movie will be Great and you will be left in the cold… too bad…………so sad…. heheheh

  2. I think everyone who doubts Charlie is the right guy for Christian Grey needs to go watch Son’s of Anarchy. You will see that he is spot on right for this role because he is already playing him but only Christian Grey is a bad ass outlaw biker. A man who will make passionate love to the woman he loves next to the body of a man he killed protecting her. Or is devastated heart broken when his son is kidnapped. A man who wants to do right for the ones he loves but is not always doing it the right way. He is the only man who they have suggested to play Christian Grey that I went, yes he is Christian Grey.

  3. I certainly hope this is rumor only. He is a great actor and I am confident he could easily tranform himself into CG. People seem to forget that CG is is not a real person. A talented actor, along with hair and make-up he could easily be CG. He was picked for his good looks and talent. I will be very disappointed if he quits!

  4. There’s no doubt that he’s a very talented actor, but he looks to old to play Christian. It throws off the whole fantasy of Christian grey.

  5. Stephen Amell or Henry Cavill would be great candidates for Christian Grey. Anastasia I think that Lyndsey Fonseca should play Ana!!

  6. I love Charlie and for all the ones that want Matt Bomar…he said he wasn’t comfortable portraying Christian because of his sexuality…so get over it…team Charlie!

  7. Oh how pathatic some people are…it’s a movie! EL James and the rest of the production would not hire him if he wasn’t right for the part….I totally loved the books and totally wanted Ian Somerhalder but at the end of the day they cast someone else…..I’ve never seen SOA and don’t know anything about Charlie but I will still be watching the movie…. Now why don’t all you ranters go rant about something else…..such as Tom Cruise playing Reacher from the Lee Childs series because THAT is just WRONG!!!

  8. I think It is really sad how people are bashing him,not even giving him a chance..So say they pick someone else they will bash that person too..People need to back the hell up and let them do their thing..I think he will make a good CG.

  9. Seriously. It doesn’t matter if Charlie plays Christian now. All you Matt bomer fans should just stop because Matt made it perfectly clear that he did NOT want to play in this movie. I wasn’t happy about Charlie at first but when he cleans up he’s gorgeous. And he’s a fine actor. Everyone has their own vision for Christian so no one will be happy about it so just give it a rest.

  10. All you Matt Bomer fans out there just so you know Matt was never an option for the part period! Plus to top it off he himself said he didn’t want the part as CG. So get off it already.

  11. FFSake everyone stop moaning and give the bloke a chance .No matter who was chosen not everyone will be happy Charlie Hunnan will be great in the role better for it to be some one we have heard of than a newbe

  12. People are funny when they say Matt Bomer can’t do it cause he’s gay. Anne Heche is gay and does awesome sex scenes… it’s called acting.

  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe some of the stupid ass people on here!!!!! Word to the unwise here, please please please use spell check!!!!! I was only able to get through a few posts but after seeing some of the spelling problems, I finally had to stop. Now, so what if the guy decides to be a pussy and back out of the movie because fans of the book don’t like him. They will find someone else!!! There are so many actors out there that wanted to give up on making a movie because fans didn’t see them in the roll and thankfully they weren’t pussies and made their movies and all of them great hits. Some of you need to grow up, learn to spell and realize there’s more to life than whether or not this movie gets made on time or who will or will not act in it. Geeeeezzzzzz

  14. I’ve watched SOA and I think Charlie Hunnam is perfect for the role of Christian Grey. I hope he doesn’t let all the negative comments determine whether or not he does this movie. It would be a great move for him and his career.

  15. I think that Charlie looks a bit too old for my taste. I think that Ian is too short, & has black hair (c’mon people?) Ryan Gosling is too soft (soft eyes, soft features, I mean he’s Noah for Christ’s sake). Matt Bomer has extremely dark features (maybe too much) but I wouldn’t be too disappointed with him. Now if you’re a True Blood fan then you would know that Alexander Skarsgard is Christian Grey. He has copper colored hair, light eyes, he’s tall (maybe too tall?) but I feel that no matter what nobody is going to look just like Christian. In True Blood Alexander Skarsgard has a sex dungeon and he isn’t afraid to take his clothes off by any means. He’s in a position of power and is a business owner. At first Eric (Alexander) is a hard ass with no emotion but in other seasons he proves that with love he can be soft and warm. When asked about the film he seemed interested, I wish that I could speak to EL James for like five minutes and I’d have him sold. Just take a few seconds to look him up, you won’t be disappointed. If you really like him you can watch one or two episodes of True Blood and you’ll realize right away he’s what we all are dreaming of! (:

  16. I had never heard of him – since the announcement I have watched Sons of Anarchy and while I think he is good in that – he isnt my image of Christian at all – the next question is who is next on the list and are they going to be a better choice or worse?:here we go again!

  17. Can Scott Eastwood replace him then? I would love for Matt Bomer to at CG because every time I read (and re-read) the books, it’s Matt B I see, however Scott Eastwood comes too close. Sorry peeps just sharing my humble opinion.

  18. This HONESTLY isnt about what we want. Its who they choose. You all need to get over yourselfs. Personally I would like Ian. But I am not gonna act like a 2 year old and throw a tantrums. Like some who Won’t be mentioned. And on top of it all. We all know the book and our imagination is gonna be far much more to our likeing.

    • EXACTLY what I was going to say!!!! Give him a chance. I can’t say at first glance I approved of him playing Christian Grey, but if he can make the character his own like Robert Pattinson made Edward his own he will do just fine:-)

  19. Ian Somerhalder is the BEST and ONLY candidate that should play Christian Grey!!! He has great bedroom eyes and has that stare that makes you want to come right there on the spot!!! He is smooth and will make you melt.

  20. Honestly, our imaginations are all unique and our Mr. Grey will differ from person to person. People need to stop arguing and JUST START FILMING!!! Not everyone is going to want the same guy and the movie is going to get bad feedback from people who thought the books were inappropriate anyway. It’s just going to happen. I’m so tired of waiting for the “perfect” Mr. Grey because he already exists in all of our minds. I’m starting to think this movie will NEVER get off the ground. 😦

  21. Fan’s of 50 shades as a whole, we all have “our” own Ideal Christian and ana. No one group is going to be truly happy with the choices for lead roles in this particular movie. so instead of being nay or yay sayers let’s see how it turns out. Stop harassing each other with team this or team that it’s getting old. How old are we really?(That was rhetorical no answer needed) Let’s be excited for the film adaptation. Can’t wait to see those hot and steamy scenes and see if the film lives up to our expectation and the book.

  22. he would make a great Christian even if he does quit you still won’t want get that asshole Matt Bomer that wont be Christian either he looks a lot older and eyes are wrong body wrong hair wrong see I can find a lot wrong with him just like all you do with Charlie . Charlie can make this movie the best if all you judgmental people would shout your mouths . matt wasn’t even ask to do the part .


  23. Charlie looks like Grizzly Adams… a bozo bum that lives on the streets, not a hot billionaire with the world at his feet…. what a joke!

  24. Charlie prove them wrong…don’t quit!! You will be great! Tired of people wanting Ian and Matt. There really isn’t a perfect CG out there. Everyone has diffrent ideas of the perfect actor to play CG. Looking forward to the movie. Let’s get this movie started!

  25. Every body has a favorite star that they would like to see play Christian Grey, hell i know who i would love to play him, but its always going to be the wrong person, they can’t please every body, so give him a bloody chance.

  26. Ok so with everyone going on and on about this one and that one being right for the part do to there personal fantisy.. NOT everyone is going to be happy with who ever is playing CG now I LOVE SOA and think Charlie Hunnam would be amazing.. would love to see him in the Red Room.. ❤

  27. I don’t care at this point who plays Christian as long as there is some charisma to add to the sexy scenes! As for Ana the choice was utterly disappointing she is suppose to be drop dead gorgeous! And that chick ain’t anything gorgeous! Sorry..

  28. When the choices of Christian and Ana were announced I was disappointed as in my idea of who would be most fitting for these roles.I respect that it is Ms. James right to choose whom she deems appropriate. With that said I have decided that this will be one movie I just won’t see.

  29. I hope so! And I’m glad Matt Bomer & Ian Somerhalder don’t wanna do it! Hopefully Robert gets it like he was supposed to!

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