8 thoughts on “Fifty Shades bosses provide protection to Charlie Hunnam – Times Of India

    • Look for Green Street Hooligans,he is clean shaved but the pissed off looking on the front so it that is why he looks the way he does, but you can also look for some of his earlier pics. like from Queer as Folk ( the UK version ), we are used to seeing him scruffy and will probably think he doesn’t look right when we see him clean shaved, I mean we fans of the Sons almost had Heart Attacks when he cut his hair short one season but he did for a movie.

  1. look if u don’t like the fact that hes been hand picked by the author the trilogy then u don’t have to go n see the bloody film do u? I however am glad that Charlie Hunnam has managed to land this huge role and there is nothing all you haters can do about it so stop trying raise a petition to try and get the characters changed coz its not going to happen. so why don’t you just grow, get over it and grow some

  2. Is it me or does Charlie hunman look a little like the late Heath Ledger, n heath ledger was a beautiful man.
    Fair play to him landing a brill role like this, loved him in queer as folk n green street.
    Im sure hes not going to look scruffy in the movie,either way i think he will do well,good luck to him.
    Also anything with sex in it i dont think any one will complain, i saw a mr grey in the secretary, n i wouldnt say he was any ones mr grey but omg he was brill its a must see film

  3. How can anybody not see him as Christian material should really do some research on him. And not just looking at his pics either, he’s a great actor so just wait until you see him acting in the movie before you start bashing so hard on how bad he is for the part give a chance to to try it, you might be surprised.

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