Charlie Hunnam Wears—Oh, My—One of Fifty Shades of Grey! Submit to the Sexiness | E! Online

Charlie Hunnam Wears—Oh, My—One of Fifty Shades of Grey! Submit to the Sexiness | E! Online.



25 thoughts on “Charlie Hunnam Wears—Oh, My—One of Fifty Shades of Grey! Submit to the Sexiness | E! Online

  1. UGLY No body who in their right mind would and can act would play this role so I think UGLY perfect for the role, after reading the book which I think anybody could of wrote a better story, maybe if they had him playing the role, your one wouldn’t even get turned on as quick as she does in the book.

  2. for all of u that hate the fact that Charlie hunnam is playing Christian grey the author of the trilogy actually chose him so if u don’t like it u don’t have to see the film simple as and get over it this is doing my effing head in

  3. AGREE it is what it is get over it! True fans will support no matter what. No one can ever replace my imaginary Christian, but Im still excited to see what he can bring to the table! 🙂

  4. Trust me ladies watch any of the sex scenes from Sons of Anarchy and he will more than suffice for the role of Christian Grey, and he cleans up really great in a suit as any of his numerous pics can be seen. I can definitely see Charlie as Mr. Grey.

  5. are you seriouse ladies he is so not ugly and he so does have a bod hes ripped my friends ripped love love love love love this choice

  6. sex scenes determine Charlie to be Christian Grey…. OH come on… Christian Grey had sophistication, he is extremely GOOD LOOKING and he is 27! Charlie is not extremely good looking and is too old!!! He is not sophisticated and when I see him he looks like something off the gutter! They definitely got is very wrong! stupid choice!

  7. Damn!! Y’all can b rude as hell he is far from ugly and its just a movie u act like the Bi*** he bang is going to b ur ass. ull go see the movie just cuz u read the book and he’s getting paid regardless so stop hating……

  8. I will go see the movie . I think he will do the part great justice. He has sort of a rugged look in SOA, but he is a very handsome man . I think he was the perfect choice.

  9. I think Charlie Hunnam is perfect for this role, and for all of the people who are freaking because of his hair color.. The author clearly described him with Copper Hair… not dark brown.. copper meaning a dark blondish red… and just because not everyone may find in attractive doesnt mean there arent a whole lot of people who do. Give them a chance, they were obviously cast in the roles for a reason.

  10. Charlie cleans up well.I saw some professional photos of him online where he was a few pounds thinner….dressed in a really nice designer suit with his hair short &trimmed and he was absolutely gorgeous.Looked nothing like that crude Son’s Of Anarchy slob he plays:)

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