8 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Of Grey Sex Scenes Movie

    • I’m glad it’s not gonna be PORN! I hope the movie is MORE about their Love and Friendship YES with some sex OBVIOUSLY lol

  1. Very disappointed that Charlie is going to play the part of Christian Grey… there is NOTHING about him that is Christian Grey… he looks like a bum from the streets!

    • I disagree Marta, I felt that way when I first heard he was playing him, didn’t invision him AT all BUT after seeing pics of him ‘cleaned up’ and ‘well dressed’ YEP!! Can TOTALLY see Charlie as Christian! Can’t WAIT!!!!! Might have to read the books AGAIN with HIM in my head as Christian lol

  2. yessssss ryan goslin is like supe
    id drink it all day to keep me warm yum yum
    he should be playing christian gray

  3. I thought Charlie Hunnam was not a great choice at first but then saw him in Sons of Anarchy and loved him. Hes got a sexy smile and can act so im totally excited for this

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