**BREAKING NEWS** Fifty Shades of Grey movie leads announced

Fifty Shades of Grey movie leads announced.




53 thoughts on “**BREAKING NEWS** Fifty Shades of Grey movie leads announced

  1. I think whatever they do for the movie, it will be disappointing. We all have our own visions of what Ana and Christian look like. I also don’t think they will be able to do the book justice without getting a NC!7 or X rating.

  2. Seriously, how old is this guy? Christian is suppose to be 27. He is also supposed to be good looking. I’ll definitely be passing on this movie now.

  3. Don’t love the choices for leads…. thought there were better choices to look at. Don’t count out the movie…. the books were good but imagination is what is was about. Wish there could have been some sort of vote on the leads.

  4. i think the pick is great, the minute i started reading the books i pictured charlie hunnam…so excited to see how the movie turns out…

  5. Very disappointing to see their choice for Christian, first of all he is too old and he is a blonde… neither are Christian!

  6. I was really hoping Matt Bomer was going to be Christian Grey. Who is that guy, is it Charlie Hunnam? Looks like him but not 100% sure.

  7. I absolutely love Charlie Hunnam although he wasnt who I pictured to play Christian Grey. I was so hoping it would be Matt Bomer!

    • Check out pics of Charlie Hunnam’s role in Pacific Rim. It might change your mind about his role as Christian Grey. I agree though, Charlie Hunnam is an amazing actor!

  8. Im ok with the choice for Annastasia but christian should be IAN SOMERHAULDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so angry…..that guy is ugly!

  9. Hate the leads,..so disappointed at it. i was looking forward to see the movie but now my imagination seems a lot better

  10. Ian Somerhalder is the best choice…. and that bleached out blonde girl does not have the sweetness or purity that Anastasia has… I was thinking Lucy Hale… not liking this at all!!!

  11. I look at him and do not see christian grey. I look at her and don’t see the innocence that Anastasia Steele has. A bit let down by the choices.

  12. After first hearing the news, I was disappointed with the lead role for Christian Grey and thought with hair dye, the girl for Ana would be perfect. However, after looking Charlie Hunnam up in his role in Pacific Rim, I totally believe he can play Christian (with the boxer body) and he has got some pretty amazing acting skills (Sons of Anarchy). I am ok with the choice but all I want is for the movie to be here. Waiting anxiously πŸ™‚

  13. May be it shouldn’t be made into a film, perhaps it’s best left as a book and we can all image are perfect Mr Grey!!

  14. both seem fine .. yes they are good looking and make up can do wonders… But what I like is he/she are ‘that I know of!’ linked to a big role or character from previous movies or programs. as long as they keep the sex scenes in I really don’t mind …it won’t be good if they try and be too soft with the making of it

  15. I would love to see the guy that played Jesus in The Bible movie play Christian and Amanda Sigfried play Ana. Might have spelled her name wrong, but you know who I mean. She’s got the young innocent look and Jesus is just gorgeous.

  16. i am just happy they finally have a choice couple what the hell just make the movie get with it people we want the action that was in those book they seem fine to me love it πŸ™‚

  17. A actor pretends to be someone else and not be themselves. Make up & technology will be used 99% i am sure. I am not a big fan of the choice of cg & ana actors, but let us wait till the movie is done. We can decide next year if we need to moan!!!.

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