34 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey Movie: Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult For Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele?

    • Matt is amazingly handsome, but gay. Can he have any chemistry with a female? Google Henry Cavill, he is in people magazine (the one with Gyneth on cover…He is drop dead georgeous. Who is the guy the suggested above, never heard of him.. Im beginning to wonder if this movie will every be made.

  1. So okay Jennifer has the acting chops and is gorgeous, I could see her pulling off Ana, but why would she want to play this part? Whoever this guy is, he is not sexy enough to play Christian. He looks like a creepy neighbor who is staring in your windows. Matt Bomer would be the perfect CG, but waiting three years after I read the books to get a movie out why bother I will just watch the wonderful movie already playing in my head:) MB for CG!!!!

  2. noooooooo no where near sexy enough sorry no disrespect to the two actors in question but there has been sooooo much hype to be disappointed by the choice of actors

  3. no wayyyyyyyy get with it people Ryan Goslin would be perfect ! and for Ana i would make you
    guys pick find some actress with an inocent look lol!

  4. Ian Somerhalder is the only man to play Christian Grey, he has the looks, the acting capability, sexiness… woohoo… he’s so yummy! That guy in the pic up top… he is not good looking.

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