37 thoughts on “Stephen Amell ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ — Actor’s Had Meeting To Be Christian Grey – Hollywood Life

  1. Matt Bomer IS Christian Grey. No other. He is absolutely perfect for the role. And DON’T start the gay debate again. Its old and i couldn’t care less.

  2. Eh no way there is nothing Grey about him!!! Ian, Alexander or Bomer

    Ps. anyone else not the awful shoes with the suit in the pic… No def not grey I wouldnt watch it!!

  3. It should be Alexander Skarsgard – he’s used to being butt knacked and shagging anything and everything in his films/shows

  4. Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer, that’s it. Ian and Matt are both undeniably sexy and no one else will fit. Just saying.

  5. Definately not!!! I don’t picture him at all as Christian. Someone with longer hair and smoking gray eyes!

  6. Dear E.L. JAMES ….Yes yes yes !!!! Please he is so perfect!!!! Face, hair color, eyes, body, sexy, he has that intense look and a soft look. So please…..he is so RIGHT. HE IS CHRISTIAN GREY TO ME

  7. Alexander Skarsgaard…….he’s the only actor here versatile enough to do justice to the roll. We don’t need another “Twilight” movie. We need a seriously GOOD film.

  8. ahhh not good like some one said on the chubby side compare to Christian no way !find me Ryan Gosling guys he would be a good Christian now we are talking !

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