Fifty Shades of Grey Casting: Matt Bomer Talks About Playing Christian Grey! –

Fifty Shades of Grey Casting: Matt Bomer Talks About Playing Christian Grey! –



20 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey Casting: Matt Bomer Talks About Playing Christian Grey! –

    • Are you really pulling the “gay” card? Matt Bomer is a great actor and can play any role! Have you not seen Magic Mike? He did and excellent job in that movie and Texas Chainsaw! You’re ignorant for even bringing that up!

      • I didn’t know he was in Texas Chainsaw? I agree with you he is hot and nobody cares about him being gay. He can do this for sure. But does he even want to? I have heard a lot of pple say yes put him in. But don’t recall ever hearing him say he would want to do it. If its out there plez lead me to it. Thanks 🙂

  1. For me it has to be Matt, he just oozes Christian Grey. The gay card is ridiculous, like the other comment said watch magic mike.

    • His eyes always look wicked and so mean without trace of anything else and Christian has to look scared, vulnerable and very loving more than anything else, also Ian doesn’t look businesslike at all and he’s suppose to play a ridiculously successful CEO… In my opinion Matt has it all (the charm, the looks, the character…) and I can’t even imagine Ian being Grey cause I see it as a big mistake… Nothing against him in other roles but Matt for Christian all the way… =)

  2. its nothing to do with “ignorance” bout being gay–thats just someone LOOKING for something to complain about–what they prob meant is simply when you read the book then watch the film the last thing you want in the back of your mind is aw yeah that seems really real even tho the actor is gay in real lofe–just takes away from the viewers perception —nothin more nothin less –doesnt take away the fact the man is a brilliant performer–now IAN SOMERHALDER on the other hand –complete package!

  3. Sorry but my Christian is henry cavill.he. is very manly. Is not the fact that he is gay is the fact that he looks gay!! Totally not what I expect for a christian grey role. Theres even a pic of cavil with a grey tie!!! Looks gorgeous! !!

  4. Matt Bomer’s sexuality shouldnt have anything to do with him playing Christian Grey. He’s obviously gorgeous. And I KNOW he would make the perfect Mr. Grey. I know i would look forward to seeing him on the big screen as Grey 🙂

  5. Too gay for Christian. Christian is beautiful is a strange way, he is definitely on the asperger’s spectrum but beautiful to look at. Boom is too GQ in an organized way.

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