9 thoughts on “Mila Kunis wants to star in ‘50 Shades of Grey’: report – NY Daily News

    • UM NO!!!!!No to this whole comment.First off Christian (MR.GREY)is so sexy that his eyes are hard to look into.The guy who plays Thor is the Christian Grey….SORRY!!!Channing is delicious .but hes NO Christian…

  1. No por favorr, Mila nooo, nada que ver con Anastasia, Alexis Bedel sería estupenda, porque es tal cual la describen en el libro.

  2. Matt bomer or henry cavill as Christian grey, Chris hemsworth is good looking yes but Ian somerhalder would better fit as he already has the Smokey grey eyes and kinda good looking too. Jennifer Lawrence as ana, the girl pictured just does not look innocent enough, failing that, if they struggling to cast ana, then ill do it 😀 kinky fuckery, mmmmmm yes please lmfao

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