39 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey Movie Just Found Its Leading Lady! We Hope So, Anyway VIDEO | The Stir

  1. I actually like her. She isn’t a face I recognize and she looks like she can play well into the shy, quiet, smart girl theme.

  2. I do agree with using someone that the audience is not used to seeing. That way we don’t have any preconceived notions of how they should be playing the part.
    This girl seems a little TOO pretty, I imagined Anna a little more plain but still pretty. Shes also a little too pasty.
    But she might do if they fixed her up a bit.

  3. I cannot picture her as Ana. Please just go ahead and start making the movie. We all know its gonna happen why don’t you just start already!

  4. She looks like she could play the part well… But Sonce reading the books I’ve been hoping for Amanda Seyfried (with dark hair, obviously)

  5. For me Miss Steele should be not looking so obviously like a model..,she should be more like having her own extraordinary charm and harizamaty

  6. oh dear,I feel so sorry for the people casting,they are going for unknowns,they are not going to please everyone,they are looking at the actor from Troy as well for CG.

  7. Attention.

    Its the end of searching for the perfekt ana.

    We found kate/ the blond female actress from the last days. We have ana, here and today. We have a good looking christian. So please start making the movie.

    Wait i have a idea. If you searching for new, young and beautiful actors. I will play elliot.

    Handshaking 😉

  8. She is perfect, and PLEASE hurry and get this movie cast and made. Getting a little sick of all this stuff.

  9. NO WAY!!! Alexia Bledel IS Anastasia Steele, no one else can do it!!! Very pretty girl but doesent ring the bell!!! Alexia Bledel and Ian Somerhalder are the ones!!!

  10. She has every characteristic that Ana has.. except the blue eyes.. but that an easy fix (twilight- red and gold eyes) her hair is plain enough it can go either messy and dull to pretty and fancy. She has a pretty face which is a must!! Almost girl next door, like Ana!!

  11. I woulf have gone with Mila Kunis but thats just me. Atleast a brunette girl was picked instead of that blonde that was being thought about.

  12. I would have gone with Mila Kunis but thats just me. Atleast a brunette girl was picked instead of that blonde that was being thought about.

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