’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Writer Admits that Some Actors are Being Considered | Gather

’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Writer Admits that… | Gather.



37 thoughts on “’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Writer Admits that Some Actors are Being Considered | Gather

  1. Ian is TOTALLY the part of Christian Grey. I said to myself when I first read it, and before I knew they were going to make a movie, that if they ever did he would be the PERFECT actor for it 😉

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ian is the only one for this part! Nobody else will get my money to see this movie ❤

  3. Matt Bomer should be the first there. He’s definitely Christian Grey.. Christian sings in the book, and Matt Bomer sings. So there you go. Matt should be the only CG, no one else fits that description of CG but Matt

  4. I agree with @m s… Matt Bomber all the way! He has the facial structure, eyes, hair, dark side, and body of Christian! And he does know how to pull off a suit in White Collar!!! Love love love!

  5. Henry cavill is the only man for the role,now he’s appeared with Cooper highlights at an awards ceremony last night,he’s the one and only CG for me.

    • Totally agree! Apparent EL James before she even wrote 50 Shades of Grey was inspired by Henry Cavill in the Dunhill fragrance commercial… she wrote Christian Grey inspired by Henry… makes sense that he is the one!

  6. Matt Brommer, es el que más se parece a Grey y Alexis Bledel a Anastasia Steele, ya deberían hacer la pelicula con ellos y hacer de una vez, porque nos están haciendo esperar mucho y hay otras trilogías igual de bonitas en el mercado que hacen que dejes en un segundo plano a 50 Sombras de Grey.

  7. Henry Cavill or Chris Evans. Or at a push, Liam Hemsworth. Not IS for me – imo, he’s totally unlike CG. But whoever is chosen will suit some, and not others

  8. I would luv if matt bomer gets the part so imagine him as Christian grey but if not Eric Martsolf looks like a good fit lol js……

  9. Fifty has copper hair & grey eyes so it has to be Ryan Gosling he is incredibly sexy and intense and his body is amazing! Ana is petite with brown hair and blue eyes, an innocent natural beauty so it has to be Alexis Bledel! Look them both up and think about Christian & Ana and its a no brainer.

  10. #1 Choice Ian #2 Matt #3 Henry All have that Christian look and all are very hot Ryan gosling is not a Christian you have to re-read the books he does not fit the discription, Yes Ryan is a very good looking man and has a sexy body but no way is he Christian Plus he is sooo over rated. Ian! Ian! Ian! Ian!

  11. I think that we (ladies) would never agree on who would portray the character of Christian. Most of the actors mentioned have the ‘look’, but the minute that my girlfriends and I heard that there was going to be a movie we all agreed in 1 minute flat that Ian Somerhalder was perfect. We are all 35+ (not the all vamp fans) and after watching a few minutes of his character on the tele, his sex appeal and bad boy allure was SUPER HOT!!
    Ian Somerhalder is Christian Grey, not Superman or (no offence) a gay actor.

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