14 thoughts on “’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Lauren Watson Talks… | Gather

  1. Yes Lauren Watson is a good pick… she has a young fresh face… pale skin, blue eyes… is not stick thin… she looks very good!

  2. I think they are perfect, I think fresh faces, like they did for twilight, would be best for these hard to fill roles.

  3. Matt Bomer all the way…The Twilight crew, although good in their roles, could not pull Christian and Ana off…

  4. Lauren for Ana Steele is a good pick, but for Christian i would really prefer Matt Bomer, not that Jessie wouldn’t do a good job though.. but Matt Bomer would be great ! 🙂

  5. Sorry but I have nothing against Matt Bomer or gay people but after he came out I can’t picture him as Christian Grey. Once again I’m not against gay people in fact I love my gays! But if you’re picking an actor to play Christian Grey it has to be an actor which women can picture to be that man who is dying to have sex with her and Matt Bomer just isn’t that.

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