21 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey: Brad Pitt Now In The Running To Play Christian Grey | Celeb Dirty Laundry

  1. Brad Is still hot for his age but not young enough to play Christian. BRADLEy COOPER WOULD BE MY FAvORITE.

  2. He’s not what imagine CHRISTAIN looking like. He’s a bit older. But he does play a hott sex scene. Im just really hoping it’s x-rated i want to see it all!! Lol

  3. No way his to old I have read all 3 books for the 2 time and he wold not fit the profile at all and Ian does 100%

  4. Ian…as sexy as Brad Pitt is, I see Ian as the bad boy known as Christian Grey. But I must say…JUST PICK SOMEONE ALREADY FOR PETE’S SAKE!!! I just wanna see the movie already!

  5. Is this a joke… yes it is a joke… Brad Pitt is too old!!!!!!!! Hello!!!!!!!! and even if he were younger… he has nothing that is Christian Grey! Henry Cavill all the way!

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