Henry Cavill on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ role: ‘It could happen’ – Movies News – Digital Spy

Henry Cavill on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ role: ‘It could happen’ – Movies News – Digital Spy.



18 thoughts on “Henry Cavill on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ role: ‘It could happen’ – Movies News – Digital Spy

  1. Excuse me but he is absolutely deserving of this role. He is every bit as fitting as the other guys that have been mentioned. He is tall, dark, handsome, mysterious, buff, and beautiful. If anyone has accaully watched him act, they would see that he could pull this role off no problem. I hope and pray it is him. I am terribly sick of looking at Matt Bomer. Do they use that same facial expression in every picture? I mean jeeze

    • I totally agree with you!! He’s definitely Mr Grey. …..that’s exactly how I picture him. Bomer….NO way!

      • Yeah but we cannot have a bad acting movie again…twilight has the worst acting…he fits the part..but his acting sucks! 😦

    • Thank you Kimberly here is someone that has good sense and good taste! I behind you what you say and could not think of any other actor playing Christian Grey. He has all the qualities.. he can act and has a depth in his eyes… its all in the eyes! And I totally agree with you about Matt Bomer… he has that same facial expression… sure is super handsome… but there is nothing behind his eyes… its like they are glazed! I double the I mean jeeze!!!

  2. I think the person who will actually play this role, should definitely read the books first, and get the idea of Christian Gray…i mean it would have to be someone really special….

  3. Of course LOOKS matter….. In the book he is so good looking that when he walks in everything stops, and all heads turn to look at him……it matters Henry is perfect in my opinion.

  4. I saw all the Dunhill ads, and EL James wrote the part of Christian Grey just for Henry Cavill…..He was the first choice for edward cullen, and we all know that EL James loosley based this novel from the twilight books

  5. Stephen Amell or Ian Summerhalder they are both more than qualified for the in all that is required to portray Mr Grey they both just have it end of.

  6. Definately henry cavill, as like L said the ads prove it and he was first to play play edward before rob. Either henry or Stephen Amill for sure 🙂

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