Blogger Bits: Could it be In “The Stars”?

Okay,  so We all know (or do we?) that Christian Grey is a Gemini (same birthday as my hubby, actually) and Ana is a Virgo (my mom and oldest daughter).  Now, based on the parenthetical statements — and your PERSONAL experiences — do you think the author PURPOSELY chose these zodiac signs based on their stereotypical character traits and personality idiosyncrasies?

I’m inclined to say yes because I know them SO WELL — I actually know MANY MORE than the three people that I mentioned that are under these Zodiacs and they are ALL VERY SIMILAR to each other, personality-wise AND the characters in the book.

Below are character profiles compliments of Fifty Shades of Grey Wiki:

Christian Grey
Name Christian Grey
DOB June 18 1983, Detroit Michigan
Age 28
Nicknames Mr. Fifty Shades (by Ana)
Master (previous subs by Leila)
Occupation Entrepreneur
Spouse Anastasia Steele (wife)
Family Carrick Grey (adoptive father)
Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey (adoptive mother)
Elliot Grey (older brother)
Mia Grey (younger sister)
Ella (biological mother)
Ted and Phoebe Grey (Children)
Children Theodore Grey (son)
Phoebe Grey (daughter)
Anastasia Steele
Name Anastasia Rose Steele
DOB September 10 1989, Montesano WA
Age 22
Nicknames Ana (by everyone)
Annie (by Ray)
Occupation Commissioning editor, SIP (Grey Publishing)
Spouse Christian Grey (husband)
Family Ray Steele (step-father)Carla May Wilks (mother)

Franklin A. Lambert (biological father, deceased)

Children Theodore Grey (son)
Phoebe Grey (daughter)



2 thoughts on “Blogger Bits: Could it be In “The Stars”?

  1. I am a Gemini and my boyfriend a Virgo. Our relationship can be quite fiery like Ana and Cristian. I think being a Gemini I need the grounding of a Virgo, and he needs the free spirit of a Gemini, but lets just say there’s not a dull moment in the bedroom 😉

  2. Well thought out, but…
    E.L. James ideals for 50 Shades was based off of the Twilight Saga, and if you check out the birthdates for Edward Cullin, June 20th and Bella Swan, Sept 13th, I say it’s a pretty good similarity.

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