‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ film favorite Matt Bomer not Superman because he is gay? – Chicago Pop Culture | Examiner.com

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ film favorite Matt Bomer not Superman because he is gay? – Chicago Pop Culture | Examiner.com.



19 thoughts on “‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ film favorite Matt Bomer not Superman because he is gay? – Chicago Pop Culture | Examiner.com

  1. Just because he is gay doesn’t mean he shouldn’t play or have the part! He’s deff my fave for mr grey! And he will deff pull the part off better than any other actor! Each to there own, but if he doesn’t get the part there will be plenty of disappointed lady’s! Matt bomer all the way! Yummy yummy xx

    • He does look the part, but I do not want to see a gay man play Christian Grey. PS My best friends are two
      gay guys.

  2. if he does not get the part because he is gay there is ALOT of shallow people out there ,,,,, that should NOT be the reason he does’nt get it he is an awsome actor, and gay or not , he is smoking hot ,,, perfect , perfect…. I hope the people who are picking the actor for this role really are not that shallow…

      • I agree with both of you, he is more than smoking hot, he’s perfection, gay or not, I’ve been watching white collar on alibi on a Monday eve, he plays a womaniser and very convincingly, I’ll be gutted if he doesn’t get the part x

  3. Need I say Neil Patrick Harris can pull of a womanizer on “How I Meet Your Mother” and he is gay so Matt Bomer can play Mr.Christian Grey. Handsome gay men can play a straight man.

  4. Why does someone’s sexuality matter in any instance? It’s really no one’s business anyway! It’s sad that there are still so many ignorant and small minded people out there. Gay, straight, blonde, brunette…who cares?! Matt is a doll baby and could most certainly bring this character to life on screen!

  5. This is him! he has to play Christan I have been telling everyone he is perfect fo a long time and even if he is gay its just acting 🙂

  6. i thought being an actor meant being versatile, he’s a fab actor, gay men can portray str8 characters as an actor ur required to play a role don’t matter what sexuality the actor is or the character. matt homer all the way! str8s can play gays so the role reversal applies in this case! besides he’s got the christian grey look!

  7. Who cares about if he is gay. He is a great actor to do christian grey in 50 shades of grey. The person who done this quote is a idiot.

  8. Sexuality does matter…when it’s about a movie that revolves around sex. Matt Bomer is indeed GORGEOUS. he is incredibly good looking, but…the way he is acting in White Collar…he is so…i wanna say…cold around women. He is trying to be convincing as a womanizer…but he is not unfortunately. And frankly? he doesnt have the kinkified gaze Christian Grey has. We need someone who can do broody and kinky and tortured and boyish at the same time. And that aint Bomer.

  9. Just in case someone might miss this MATT BOMER to play Christian in 50 shades!!!! It’s a must !!!!
    Millions of women will be severely disappointed if he doesn’t get the part, ME included xx

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