’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Jared Padalecki Is… | Gather

’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Jared Padalecki Is… | Gather.



27 thoughts on “’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Jared Padalecki Is… | Gather

  1. No way, he isn’t right for this part! He needs to look naughty, irresistible and I don’t know that this guy has it in him to play the role of Mr. Grey!

  2. I think Dean from supernatural would be better! but he could play his brother as they have brother chemistry in supernatural!

  3. Doesn’t even come close to the image portrayed in the book. They need a young version of George clooney for the part of gray someone with class and sophistication this guy isn’t him.

  4. This is a baby face kid. Christian Grey is chiseled gorgeous and older beyond his years. He is smart and gorgeous and stable and intelligent and calm and very in control. He looks tall and elegant but with a nice chiseled face and chin and he speaks well and was raised well but just has great intelligent sexuality, he has some facial growth but keeps it clean and soft and sharp! His interest are great and he is simply bored with being rich and because he was adopted and saved he has a heart for the common girl! I would rather hve books than a movie anyday! I will be shocked if this movie doesn’t flop. Us women love not only see with our eyes but with our ears! Good luck movie!

  5. Definitely NOT…. He’s cute but he is not Christian Grey. Not old and mature enough like Mr Grey would be…

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