18 thoughts on “’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie Cast: ‘True Blood’ Stephen Moyer Calls Series “Sexually Exciting” (Poll) : Entertainment : Latinos Post

  1. I think Matt Bomer will be a a awesome Christian grey he sexy , and he perfect actor for the perfect roll🙂 I’m a Bomer babe fan

  2. Definitely Matt Bomer should be Christian Gray. He might be 35yrs old but he still looks young enough to play the role of a 28 year old due to that Angelical face and let’s not forget that sex appeal. Perfect for Christian ❤ And for Anastasia , Alexis Bledel would be the perfect role !!!!

    Bradley Cooper would ruin this movie and so would the vampire diaries guy.

    • Thank you!!! He was the first person that came to my mind before I even knew there was going to be a movie! And how sexy would that be talking to him like that when he already has the name Christian!

  3. no way… noooo way. Not this guy in the picture up top and NOT Ian Somerhalder!! All he has is the eyes and MAYBE a nice jaw line. But hes more creepy looking than anything. His creepy over arched eyebrows kill it. Come on ladies! He needs to be that guy you squirm and “clench😉 ” after one eyeful! There’s only 1 in like 500 of those lol… Matt Bomer all the way! he is flawless, he is Christian!!!

  4. If he gets the roll…I won’t watch the movie. He s sooooooo not the image I have in my mind if Christian…I can’t believe he is even considered to play the role….YUK!
    I agree with Amanda above.

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