’50 Shades of Grey’ movie: Alexander Skarsgard perfect to play Christian Grey? – Cleveland Celebrity Headlines | Examiner.com

’50 Shades of Grey’ movie: Alexander Skarsgard perfect to play Christian Grey? – Cleveland Celebrity Headlines | Examiner.com.




57 thoughts on “’50 Shades of Grey’ movie: Alexander Skarsgard perfect to play Christian Grey? – Cleveland Celebrity Headlines | Examiner.com

    • Matt Bomer ! I just looked threw a bunch of his pictures and I can totally see him playing Christian Gray ❤

  1. Just looked up Tom Brady !! Ok def found my Christian Grey !! Yummy !! Glad he isnt some silly A – lister !!

  2. Yes! Alexander would be perfect as Christian Grey. He is hot and sexy. Christian is described as copper haired and sex on legs. This 6’4″ Viking vampire dominant could totally pull it off. .

  3. Physically body right and height but just not Christian Ian Somerhalder has the look as it is all about the eyes in the book

  4. More Bradley Cooper because of his already copper toned hair and those eyes. I understand Christian is young in the book in his late twenties but good luck trying to find a 20 something yea rold guy that is going to look like the Christian Grey we are all fantasizing about. We are all portraying him as an older looking man maybe in his thirties. When I read about Chrisitan Grey I sure didn’t picture no skinny 20 something year old boy.

  5. Matt Bomer is perfect for the part! If you don’t know what he looks like, google him! Love him! Soooo sexy!!!

  6. What about the guy who plays oliver queen on the new series Arrow on cw18 Wednesday nights? He has a lover side and a dark side

  7. I’m sorry but the only person who fits Christian Grey’s description to the “T” is Ian Somerhalt! The way the book describes Christian Grey looks exactly like Ian. From the hair to the perfect teeth, to the gray eyes, to the jaw line. He’s even got the dirty smile >:-). Look up Ian’s pics on Google. He is the one to play this role!

  8. Matt Bomer !! He will make a great Christian Gray! He has the look 😀 ❤ Oh I can't wait to see the movie ❤

  9. Ugh you guys are killing me with the Tom Brady comments lol! It’s never going to happen…just sayin! MATT BOMER I can agree with he’s one sexy man in a nicely wrapped package 🙂 Now I know many don’t like Alexander Skarsgard but seriously he had the chops for it especially with his work on “TrueBlood”. He even agreed himself in interviews & that he’d love the opportunity! I give him a thumbs up! Now I personally picture Henry Cavill (Charles Brandon on “The Tudors”; New Superman in “Man of Steel”). He’s one gorgeous man, built extremely well, and can act like a wickedly fun, sexual deviant. Just watch him in “The Tudors” you’ll know what I mean lol.


  11. i would hate to see Ian Sommerhalder his not who i think of as christian. Alexander Skarsgard is Christian 100%

  12. Matt Bomer wouldnt work having spoken to ladies about the fact he is gay just wouldn’t wash with them doesnt matter how good an actor he is the part just wouldnt seem realistic.

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