NEWS/Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Deal: Everything We Know About the Upcoming Film



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16 thoughts on “NEWS/Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Deal: Everything We Know About the Upcoming Film

  1. IAN SOMERHALDER SCREAMS CHRISTIAN GREY!!! And imseeing nowhere, in this topic, of Lucy Hale or Emilia Clarke being in the running for Ana??? I thought they were the top 2 not long ago? Those 2 are the PERFECT FIT for Anastasia!!! But NO to Matt Bomer… he’s GAY! (NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT) BUT, that just ruins all of our (womens) fantasys of us wishing we were Ana on screen! Alexander Skarsgard is a good second, but Ian is THE PERFECT CHRISTIAN!

  2. Only Ian Somerhalder should portray Christian – he is what we all are waiting for. As for a possible Tom Hardy – ABSOLUTELY NO WAY DOES HE FIT THE ROLE!

  3. IAN SUMERHALDER. Is the one for the this role of Christian Grey. Those eyes, that smirk, that crooked smile.YEAP. His the one.


    • oh yea!! for sure!..I totally agree..that Ian is to spooky and doens’t fit the role-they need a young James Bond type!

  5. Ian IS Christian Grey!!!! When I read the books he was who I pictured. I don’t think I would even want to watch the movie is anyone else plays Christian. I enjoyed the visuals of (Ian) Christian that filled my mind while reading the books so much, I don’t want them ruined by some wanna be Christian.

  6. Ian IS Christian Grey. He is who I pictured as I read the books. If the film is made with some other actor I won’t bother seeing it because I don’t want to ruin the beautiful hot visuals I enjoyed while reading it with Ian’s smoldering good looks as Christian!

  7. No Tom Hardy d/n fit the bill at all for Christian Grey… Thomas Beaudoin would fit perfectly. Has anyone really listened to Kelly Clarkson’s song Dark Side? It really would be perfect for the movie.

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