Alexander Skarsgard Talks 50 Shades of Grey



21 thoughts on “Alexander Skarsgard Talks 50 Shades of Grey

  1. I really want him to play Mr Grey 🙂 he could pull it off so well im worried they are gonna pick someone who just cant act the role in the right way

  2. alexander scarsgard should totally play christian grey hes soo hot and is an amazing actor. definately gets my vote.

  3. He is EXACTLY who I picture as Christian Grey! Gorgeous, mysterious, sexy, smooth, sensitive, pensive, just the complete package!! I hope he’s THE ONE!

  4. christain grey is ment to be in his 20 ………. he dus not look in his 20s at all an he is not good looking at all , be very dissapointed if he play grey ! i really want ryan gosling !!!

  5. He was my first thought for an actor to play Mr. Grey. He can switch emotions rapidly, has intense, sexy eyes, and he can be domineering yet sweetly sensitive when he needs to be. I do believe he is the perfect actor for the part and have thought so before the movie talks started.

  6. Everyone complains about the ages but seriously a more seasoned actor would be perfect for the roles of Christian and Anastasia. Skarsgard is an excellent choice. You have to watch the Encounter by Calvin Klein video!
    Now that’s a pretty good choice for Mr. Grey.

  7. He so should play christian grey! Excellent actor, he can switch emotions so quickly like christian does; anyone who watches true blood would know how good he is.

  8. You people do not know what you are talking about. I rather see the couple off of the vontage commercial play Christian and Ana then some of these so called perfect people to play C & A! pleassseeeeee.

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