17 thoughts on “Carla Gugino Cast as “Mrs. Robinson” in Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. She is far to young to play Mrs Robinson ….. Christian is supposed to be 28! Needs a woman at least in her late 40s to early 50s.

  2. Laura Linny would be perfect! or Charlize Terron! or Rebecca Romjin! THese would be perrrrrfect women for the part and all blondes and more mature!

  3. I read how it said she was going to play Mrs. Robinson but they didn’t know how she would look at a blonde or pull off the blonde look. Well then I guess they didn’t see Son-In-Law with Pauly Shore because 20 mins into the movie she dyed her hair blonde for her new California look. And as for her not being old enough to play the part. I thought when Christian first started a relationship with her, she was in her mid to upper 20’s and Christian was 15 so if anything, Carla might be “too old” for the part. I agree about Kim Cattrall though, she was my first though when I read the book and haven’t thought of anyone else to play her.
    Here is a link for Carla with blonde hair even though she is younger at the time.

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