Blogger Bits: What does “50 Shades . . . ” Mean to You?

Do You all think that the 50 Series put a positive spin on BDSM and took the “taboo” nature out of it?

My two:

I don’t think this book even truly TOUCHES what TRUE BDSM is all about. Yeah, they mention what it means and entails, but then 90% of the book is — for all intents and purposes — relatively “normal” sex between two people that love each other. Granted, there are kinky moments, but nothing to clutch your pearls about. Who hasn’t done most if not ALL of the stuff they do in the book — maybe not ALL — but most. *wink* 😉

I think what these books ACTUALLY do is show women that they TRULY DO want a Man’s man — to take control in EVERY AREA. Nowadays many of us (married or not) take on the male role — from making the most money, to managing the finances, planning family trips, arranging and maintaining everyday life issues. The men: Eat, Sleep, Poop and work — and maybe occasionally mow the lawn. And THEN turnaround and want US to do all the work in the bedroom as well.  Gets predictable and routine after a while, no?

These books awakens the natural womanly desire for a TRADITIONAL man/woman relationship — one where the man takes care of everything — INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the bedroom. Its sexy. Its respectable. Its ABOUT TIME.


8 thoughts on “Blogger Bits: What does “50 Shades . . . ” Mean to You?

  1. I’m 50 shades of fucked up lol! That’s all I gotta say. What the author of this blog stated is very true and interesting overview.

  2. YES. It did take the ‘taboo’ out of BDSM. I think a lot of women have the ‘submissive inner goddess’ and didn’t realize it (me for one anyway), and the books were ‘an awakening’. My perspective has changed…for the better.

  3. Yes i think it did positively spin the world of BDSM, as I think this world has many many deeper, darker aspects to it. But who wants to handle all that? This series was so successful because it touched on a tortured mans need for control and abandon, lust and love, need and want…and the age old question…nature/nurture! The fact that it is all wrapped up in beautiful, f****d up Christian in a most accessible way is more than erotic…it is 50 shades of something so exquisite, who could resist? Yes the roles of men and women in society have changed so much that I think it has been harder for men to catch up as i think women adapt and evolve quicker than men. it is easier for us is this sense. Christian is hopefully the future evolution of man…and yes it is ABOUT TIME! ❤ xx

  4. I completely agree with everyone who commented we all want abit of romance a bit of slap and tickle and the book has made all of us woman stand up and take notice i love 50 shades I’ve read the books 3 times and still i want more not just of Christian and his take charge attitude but of both of them.

  5. It really made me think abt how much effort i make. I wanted the excitement and anticipation if there relationship but how can i expect my husband to be doing all that if im not. I have subsiquently been making more effort and suggesting more things which he loves and he has been doing the same. Feels like whrn we first met again.

  6. It’s the having love shown to u , he clearly loves her , I’m newly married and don’t feel love like that , and its good to have someone cook breakfast for when u get up every morning too , and ur own personal bodyguard E.T.C 😀

  7. These books have opened my eyes to a passion that has sadly been missing in my life for the best part of five years. My biggest fear is that I’m getting so caught up in the passion of these characters that I won’t ever find it again for myself? :/

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