Robert Pattinson on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie



47 thoughts on “Robert Pattinson on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie

  1. PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! not him hes a sparkeling lame tween ❤ throb Vampire I would like to see a sexy man =) like alexander skarsgard or even Ryan Gosling

  2. robert is a vampire not fifty shades sorry to say although good actor this part is not for him…Jensen Ackles would be good at MR GREY but no matter who you choose im sure the film is going to great no matter what……………

    • totally agree with Angela on this one…He does not fit the role…need someone extremely and erotically handsome…Chris Hemsworth would be perfect Christain Grey!!!

  3. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nobody from twilight there all too skinny nothink about them at all, they dont do nothink for me at all i want somebody who fits mr grey in hair looks and body and eyes

  4. No, No, No…I’m sorry but he just doesn’t fit the part. Matt Bomer is a perfect Christian Grey. I’ve already vowed not to even go see it if he isn’t chosen to play this part.

    • I COMPLETELY 100% agree…..Matt Bomer would be PERFECT for this role. I saw a picture of him and I saw Christian Grey ALL OVER. Please do not pick someone who’s already had a big role in Twilight, give someone else a chance at the spotlight. And one that we can fantasize about! LOL.

  5. Ha! As what character cause if you are thinking Christian I would say HELL NO. He had his chance with Twilight and did an awful job at being Edward (sorry ladies). He doesn’t fit the character profile as Christian Grey. Christian is a buff, chiseled face person with a deep background (that I don’t believe rob would do him justice). There is also the fact that I will NOT put down money to see this movie if he is playing Christian.

    • Absolutely not! Not attractive and terrible actor. Need a MAN, a new man, not a teeny bopper heart throb. Think of the demographic of the readers. They were/are MOTHERS of the girls who fell in love with Twilight! Do Christian justice don’t settle for someone who has another set identity. If RP gets part me and my circle of friends agreed to not see it. It would ruin the vision we have.
      From 40+ mom of 2 teenagers.

  6. gale harold es el hombre perfecto para grey, nadie lo interpretaria como él puesto que ya hizo de brian kinney, un personaje bastante parecido a grey.

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