NEWS/Fifty Shades of Grey: E.L. James Talks Movie Casting





5 thoughts on “NEWS/Fifty Shades of Grey: E.L. James Talks Movie Casting

  1. i have read all the books and i think they are FAB so cant wait for the next. and for a film to come out. just hope the film will be as fab and as the books says. the film will be one of my favs as the books are. thank you so much E.L. JAMES.

  2. Chris Hemsworth is the ultimate Christian Grey the sexy factor is most definitely there. And has the omg smile and little boy underneath. And Ashley Greene would be perfect for Ana Steele she is young & beautiful and has that innocent look but also has that tiger underneath look also

    • Considering I wasn’t in a hurry to read the first book (that my husband got for me because he heard what they were calling it), I read all 3 of them… 3 plus times. Partly because I got my hubby to read them too and didn’t want to be reading anything else while he was still reading them. For casting I’m really liking Thomas Beaudoin and Alexis Bledel. Also if you haven’t heard it Kelly Clarkson’s Dark side would make an Awesome theme song for the movie. I’m looking forward to the movie and I’m rather impatiently waiting for the next E L James book.

  3. I was so obsessed with these books it helped in my relationship so well .keep up the good work E.L. James awesome work . when are you coming to portland or even salem keizer area in oregon sure would like books signed wow!

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