110 thoughts on “‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Movie Casting: Jessie Pavelka to Play Christian Grey, His Wife as Anastasia Steele?

  1. This is the exact image of the hot Christian grey. When I saw a pic of Jessie he is what I truly imagined what he will look like.

    Jessie is defo my 50 shades. X x x

  2. I agree he is perfect for Christian Grey but I wish whomever they get to play his role and Ana’s role that they wouldnt tell us if they were married to each other or not. It woudl make it more exciting at the movies if we didnt know that …just my opinion.

    • jessie is married to sitara hewitt,i dont think shed get cast as ana,shes nothing like her,ana has pale skin and blue eyes,and is petite, jessies wife on the other hand has olive skin,dark eyes,and quite tall,she is pretty but not ana,i dont think it would be right to cast her anyway shes too old lol

  3. Yes he is hot but what movie been in and who is the wife not sure can picture the story being wright knowing its his wife that playing Ana just seems wrong some how

  4. Yes! This is the only person that is right to play Christian. I hope the casting director listens to the fans!!!

  5. Ian Somerholt plays a vampire and apparently the author does not want vampires….. Matt Bomer is very suited, BUT in real life he is gay…. now could you imagine Christain Grey to be gay???? hell no!

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